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EU ROHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
EU ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) has been scheduled for July 1, 2006 implementation, since that date, all electrical and electronic equipment sold in Europe of restricted hazardous substances must comply with the stringent requirements of the instruction.
Faced with the new rules, companies wait until the last minute to refrain Pro Chen mill gun, but should not leave things to chance, please immediately contact the BEST, we will provide you with the most cost-effective compliance solutions to ensure your product sales do not affected by this instruction!
The Directive stipulates that the European sales of electrical and electronic products, lead Pb, cadmium Cd, mercury Hg, hexavalent chromium Cr6 +, PBBs PBBs, PBDEs PBDEs six hazardous substances be restricted after more harmful substances will also be restrictions.

RoHS Directive covers the range of AC1000V, DC1500V following directories listed by the electronic and electrical products:
A large household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners and other
2, small household appliances: vacuum cleaner, iron, hair dryer, oven, watches, etc.
3, IT and telecommunications equipment: computers, fax machines, telephones, cell phones, etc.
4, civilian devices: radios, televisions, video recorders, musical instruments, etc.
5, Lighting: In addition to household fluorescent lighting outside, lighting control devices
6, power tools: drills, lathes, welding, spray, etc. (to be installed except for large-scale industrial tools)
7, toys / entertainment, sports equipment: electric cars, video game
8, medical devices: radiation therapy, ECG testing, analysis equipment, etc.
9, the monitoring / control devices: smoke detectors, incubators, plant monitoring and control machines with
Which, RoHS Directive currently applicable 8,9 two.

RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) on the maximum allowable concentration of harmful substances (threshold): Cd threshold of 100ppm; Pb, Hg, Cr6 +, PBB, PBDE threshold 1000ppm; their testing method also requires countries to coordinate.

ROHS prohibited chemical substances testing and certification services
First, the system certification,: electrical products testing laboratory harmful substances according to the requirements of the EU Directive 2002/95/EC on six kinds of relevant hazardous substances were detected.
The second is to prepare the listing of components and finished products certification, namely ROHS integration;
Scientific and technological progress brings convenience, but also increasing waste electrical and electronic equipment! Developing countries around the world in a positive environmental regulations did not dare to expect to make harmful substances in the waste to minimize environmental impact, and requires all manufacturing suppliers assume related responsibilities.

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