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DMF dimethyl fumarate test
March 17, 2009, the European Commission adopted the "called on Member States to ensure that no biocide containing dimethyl fumarate products to market or sell the product on the draft" (2009/251/EC) the draft regulations, since May 2009 after 1 ban products containing dimethyl fumarate market or on the market.

Dimethyl fumarate, English referred to as DMF, is the 1980s the international rise of high efficiency, low toxicity fungicides in China's furniture industry, the footwear is widely used, dimethyl fumarate majority package fixed inside the furniture in a small bag, or add in a shoebox. Thereby maintaining the product drying and moisture to prevent mildew products. If the amount exceeds normal use, the consumer may cause skin irritation, rashes or burns, in some cases, it has been reported that acute respiratory diseases. Resulting dermatitis which is not particularly easy to treat. Therefore, the presence of dimethyl fumarate become a serious hazard. Last year, France, Poland, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom have occurred consumers allergic events.

The new EU directive on naphthalene proposed the following new requirements:

1 requirement after 1 May 2009, prohibiting products containing dimethyl fumarate market or on the market;
(2) already on the market or sold on the market of products containing dimethyl fumarate should be recovered;
3. The product or parts of dimethyl fumarate content should not exceed 0.1 mg / kg (0.1ppm);
4 Do not use products and packaging containing dimethyl fumarate desiccant, mildew pouch.

2009/251/EC after the announcement of the ban dimethyl fumarate from France, Spain, Belgium, the three countries be extended to the entire European Union, will be restricting our footwear, luggage, leather sofas and other export processing enterprises is another technical barriers . How to deal with the new EU directive, many domestic enterprises need to focus on and solve related problems.

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