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Drop tests

This test is usually used to simulate the unpackaged / packaged product during the handling may be free to fall, examine the ability of products against accidental shocks. Usually the drop height is mostly based on the weight of the product and the probability of falling as a reference standard. The falling surface should be a smooth, rigid, rigid surface made of concrete or steel (if any special requirements should be determined by product specifications or customer test specifications).

For the different international norms even if the product under the same weight but the drop height is not the same, for handheld products (such as mobile phones, MP3, etc.) most of the fall height of most ranging from 100cm ~ 150cm range, IEC for ≦ 2kg of handheld Product recommendations should meet the 100cm drop height can not be damaged, MIL is recommended drop height of 122cm, Intel handheld products (such as mobile phones) is recommended to drop the height of 150cm. The severity of the test depends on the drop height, the number of drops, and the direction of the drop.

Reference standard: GB / T 2423.8, ISTA, IEC60068-2-32, GB-T4857.5, etc.













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