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Vibration test

This test is to simulate the product in the transport, installation and use of the environment encountered by the impact of a variety of vibration, used to determine whether the product can withstand a variety of environmental vibration capacity.

    The most commonly used vibration method can be divided into two kinds of sinusoidal vibration and random vibration. Sinusoidal vibration is a commonly used test method in the laboratory to simulate the vibration and product structure resonance frequency analysis and resonance point residence verification of the rotation, pulsating, oscillations (occurring on ships, aircraft, vehicles, space vehicles) Mainly, it is divided into sweeping and fixed frequency vibration of two, its severity depends on the frequency range, amplitude, test duration. Random vibration is based on the simulation of the overall structural seismic strength of the product and the transport environment in the packaged state, the severity of which depends on the frequency range, GRMS, test duration and axial.

Reference standard: ASTM, ISTA, MIL, EN, IEC, ETSI, JIS, SAE, JASO, IEC, ISO, AEC;
GB / T 4857.7, ISO 2247, ASTM D999, GB / T 4857.10, ISO 8318, ASTM D3580, GB / T 4857.23, ISO 13355, ASTM D4728 and the like.














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