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SASO Certification

SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization is the English acronym, namely Saudi Arabian Standards Organization. SASO is responsible for all commodities and products, development of national standards, the standard measure of the system are also involved, logos, etc.

SASO certification Introduction
In fact, SASO standards in many of the relevant International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and other international organizations on the basis of the safety standards established. Like many other countries, Saudi Arabia, according to their country's civil and industrial voltage, geography and climate, ethnic and religious habits, standard added some unique items. In order to achieve the purpose of consumer protection, SASO standard not only for products imported from abroad, in Saudi Arabia for local production is also applicable.
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce and Industry and SASO SASO certification standards require that all products included in the customs when entering Saudi SASO certification. SASO certificate of product will be refused entry to the Saudi port of Customs.
According to the provisions of Saudi Arabia Standards Organization, SASO certification includes all adults and children in the home, office or entertainment use of the product, all vehicles and spare parts, as well as building products. These products can be divided into the following categories:
Air conditioning SASO, battery SASO, cosmetics SASO, toys SASO, compressor SASO, fan SASO, household appliances SASO, wire and cable SASO, fax SASO, lamps SASO, optical power SASO, elevator SASO, generators SASO, office electrical and electronic equipment SASO, PC SASO, power SASO, auto parts SASO, ceramic SASO, audio SASO, amplifier SASO, conferencing systems SASO, SASO mixer
Saudi cities have adopted a lower voltage, divided into 127 volts and 220 volts (Riyadh is 235 volts) are two, are 60 Hz; But in Mecca and industrial parks are a higher voltage, 220 volts and 380 volts two kinds, also 60 Hz. general home and office are also available in 110 volt (referring to 127 volts) and 220-volt electrical outlet for two kinds of different voltage electrical products, in general, air conditioners, washing machines more than 220 volts , small appliances, multi-use 110 volts.

SASO certification standards contained in the product:
According to the provisions of Saudi Arabia Standards Organization, SASO certification includes all adults and children in the home, office or entertainment use of the product, all vehicles and spare parts, as well as building products. These products can be divided into the following categories:
Air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment
Compressor and fan
Household electrical and electronic equipment
Domestic pressure cooker
Wire and Cable
Fax machine
Household switches and circuit breakers
Lamps and lighting equipment
Elevators and lift systems
Electrical and electronic office equipment
Power supply
Motor vehicles and parts
Building products, paints, etc.

SASO certification of the main procedures:
Manufacturers Get SASO certification, exports to Saudi Arabia, requires the following steps:
Apply to consulting firms, consulting firms, according to the product category, in accordance with the requirements of SASO, product certification program to inform the enterprise;
Enterprise certification procedures in accordance with product samples submitted for testing, some products (such as motor vehicle parts and accessories, etc.) need to be factory inspection;
After passing through product testing, enterprises SASO certification; such as product has been tested and failed, businesses will get a detailed description of the report
Products exported to Saudi Arabia, when the goods into the customs certificate issued by SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization's technical staff will check the certificate; if not issued by SASO certificate, the product will be refused entry or sampling to Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Commerce or Industry Saudi Arabia Standards Organization laboratory for testing, such as testing failed, the product will be refused entry, all costs by the exporting firm commitment.

SASO certification form
A. Pre-shipment verification of compliance (Pre-shipment Compliance Verification)
This is most suitable for very small shipments exporter or manufacturer. Before each shipment to apply for pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and the pre-shipment testing (PST). Both are qualified to obtain a CoC certificate.
B. Product Registration (Registration)
This way for the vast majority of customers, it has the advantage of each shipment inspection (PSI), although necessary, but each batch of goods before shipment without further testing (PST). Customers through the submission of state standards, and to provide the importing countries and the relevant international or national standard test reports, and affirms the product meets the basic requirements of the importing country and national differences, you can get registration certificates Statement for Registration (SfR).
C. Type Approval (Type Approval Licensing)
This approach can save before each shipment inspection fees or testing fee, simplifying procedures for multiple applications, but also to guarantee the delivery time, it is part of the larger or more frequent shipments, focus on quality and credibility of the big companies favor. Exporter or manufacturer of the product only in full compliance with mandatory standards for importing and exporting countries in order to obtain Statement for Licence (SfL) certificate. The certificate is valid for one year, due to be submitted before updating factory inspection report and pay an annual fee and can be renewed after review by the RLC. SfL certificate obtained product is no longer required for each batch of goods prior to shipment inspection (PSI), which was reduced to very few times a year testing (usually 2-3 times / year, according to the condition of the product).

SASO certification Precautions
Test Based SASO / PAI standards or IEC standards + country differences, need to be considered separately SASO / PAI standards, some provisions are quite different, Saudi Arabia, rated voltage of 220V, 50/60Hz (with BS plug) or 127V, 60Hz ( With UL Plug) (sold separately provide prototype testing); Kuwait voltage of 240V, 50Hz (with BS plug).
Prohibiting the export of products to Saudi Arabia, including: weapons, alcohol, sedatives, pork, pornography, wine equipment, fireworks, Christmas trees, masks, videophone, the performance of animal or human toys, statues and so on.

Get Certificates of Compliance way
Route 1: Compliance Verification
Exporters or suppliers apply before each shipment before the shipment on-site verification and testing to determine the products to meet the technical regulations prescribed Saudi necessary safety, environmental or other criteria.
The results obtained after passing CoC certificate. This approach applies to exports frequency is not high, such as the frequency is less than three times annual exports, recommended this approach.

Route 2: Registration (Registration) and the on-site verification before shipment
Exporter or supplier shipments samples for testing, after passing the test of the model (or series of models) products obtained registration certificates, registration is valid for one year. In this period, the registered product in each shipment before shipment only on-site verification, verification of the results obtained after passing CoC certificate. (The product label should also note that Saudi Arabia exports the product label must be a direct screen printing on the product, otherwise it is not clearance,)
When the registered product changed, require a model or specification changes after re-registration.
This mode has the advantage of on-site verification prior to each shipment, although necessary, but each batch of goods before shipment without further testing.

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