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CB Certification

CB system (electrical equipment conformity testing and certification of the IEC system) is the IECEE operations - an international system, IECEE Certification Body in the Member States based on IEC standards for electrical product safety testing, the test results that CB test report and CB test certificate in IECEE Member States to obtain mutual recognition system. Purpose is to reduce the need to meet different national certification or approval criteria arising from international trade barriers. IECEE is the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC product qualification testing and certification organization for short. Currently, CB system carried out fourteen categories of electrical products testing (catalog table below), the test results in the 43 member states are mutually recognized, but also by many countries did not participate in the CB Scheme recognized.
IECEE-CB system, the current members are: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Malaysia, Sweden, Thailand.

IECEE-CB system introduced
(A) IECEE What is an organization?
IECEE is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to work under the authority of the international certification organization. It stands for "International Electrotechnical Commission IEC product qualification testing and certification organization." Its predecessor was the CEE-European electrical equipment qualification testing committee, founded in 1926. With the demand for electrical products in international trade and development, CEE and IEC merged IECEE, and has long been practiced in Europe to the global promotion of regional mutual recognition system. IECEE's mission is: to promote mainly used in homes, offices, workshops, health and similar electrical products used in international trade.
Implementation of international certification of IECEE ultimate goal: an electrical product, with an IEC standard, one test at any location, as well as the results of a conformity assessment for global acceptance.

(B) What is the IECEE-CB system?
IECEE-CB system in Chinese means "electrical product test certificate on the mutual recognition system." The system is based on participants in the CB system of mutual recognition among members (two-way acceptance) test results to obtain national certification or approval, so as to achieve the purpose of facilitating international trade system. IECEE CB Scheme applicable IEC standards adopted within the scope of electrical products. CB test certificate is issued by a CB system and has participated in certification and accreditation of national document issued by certification bodies. CB Test Certificate is only accompanied by the relevant CB test report is valid. CB Scheme CB Scheme implementation units is based on the rules of the national accreditation body accepted (NCB), which is also used by the certification body according to the accepted rules of CB Testing Laboratory (CB Testing Laboratory).

(C). IECEE-CB system's main role is to what?
IECEE CB Scheme is to establish a set of electrical products worldwide mutual recognition system. To date, a total of 49 countries worldwide 55 certification bodies and their subordinates over 130 CB laboratories participated in the mutual recognition system. Participate in the CB Scheme member countries, including all of China's main export of electromechanical products: United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Canada and so on. Enterprise use of any Member State from which the certification body to obtain a CB Test Certificate, apply for other national certification, then you can free from repetitive testing, the other Member States certification bodies, thereby gaining access to the country's quasi-market into the card. Therefore, CB system for reducing the certification rules for a variety of different causes of trade barriers and eliminate duplicate testing and certification brings to the enterprise of the time delays and increased costs, thereby enabling businesses to faster and at lower cost launch new products to help enterprises to be more convenient and efficient access to international markets.

CB certification process
The applicant may be the manufacturer or its agent / agency. Application can override the manufacture of the product in one or several countries in one or more factories. Note: According to the applicant will be CB certificate holder provides that if the applicant is a manufacturer's representative, CB Test Certificate holders will be the manufacturer's representative.
Applicants fill out the "electrical product CB Test Certificate Pre-application letter," including the following:
- The applicant's name and address;
- If the applicant is not the manufacturer, should have the manufacturer's name and address;
- Manufacture of the product one / multiple plants name and address;
- The product name, specifications and labeling;
- The applicant's registration certificate (first application);
- Product technical information (if necessary);
- The contact's mailing address, telephone and fax.
China Quality Certification Center (abbreviated CQC) information on the application for review, the admissibility of the application, the applicant will receive an official "CB test application." "CB Test application" requirement be completed in English, in duplicate. "CB Test application" after passing the examination by the CQC as a CB laboratory GTIHEA will notify you of specific sample delivery requirements. GTIHEA receiving the test sample after a specified period of time to complete the test and issue a CB Test Report. According to the provisions of international organizations IECEE, generally within one month of receipt of the samples at issue CB report. IQC the CB test reports and other application data after completion of the audit by the Director of the Centre issue a CB Test Certificate.

CB certification information to be submitted
1 product manual.
2 safety design documents (including key structure that reflects the application from the climb, the gap, insulation layers and the thickness of the design).
3 product technical conditions (or enterprise standards).
4 products electrical schematics.
5 product roadmap.
6 key components or raw materials inventory (please use a European certification mark of the product).
7 Machine components or certified copy of the book.
8 other necessary information.

1. Relevant documentation required to both Chinese and English.
2. To shorten the certification period, the information provided by the best form of electronic documents.
3. in the certification process, for some special cases, enterprises may need to pay any other additional relevant information.

CB certification product range
Product Name CABL
Wires and cables Cables and Cords
Capacitors Capacitors as components
Automatic control switch and household appliances switch
Switches for appliances and automatic controls for electrical household appliances
Household and similar equipment Household and similar equipment
Installation accessories and connection devices Installation accessories and connection devices
Lighting Lighting
Measuring Instruments Measuring instruments
Medical electrical equipment - Electrical equipment for medical use
IT and office equipment, IT and office equipment
Low power switching equipment Low voltage, high power switching equipment
Device protection equipment Installation protective equipment
Safety transformers and similar equipment Safety transformers and similar equipment
Portable power tools Portable tools
Electronic entertainment equipment Electronics, entertainment
Batteries Batteries
Other Miscellaneous

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