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Chemical testing
Material Analysis

HYT according to GB, ASTM, ISO and other standards for the seizure performance testing of various materials, the main test items include: surface morphology, material composition, material structure, film thickness, surface roughness, porosity, hardness, film with force, friction and wear, stress, electrochemical and salt spray corrosion, color and color, metals, grain size, non-metallic inclusions, carburizing layer, the carbon layer, the nitride layer detection, gray iron, ductile iron detection, Carbide detection, phase analysis of non-ferrous metals and alloys, grain size, inclusions detection, various metal parts failure analysis.
◎ Surface Analysis:
Elemental composition and chemical valence state, semi-quantitative analysis of elemental composition, solid-phase powder samples and phase analysis of samples, analysis of trace elements, organic analysis
◎ surface geometrical characteristics:
Three-dimensional surface topography, surface roughness, surface morphology, surface color analysis, porosity
◎ Mechanical characteristics:
Surface (film) basic mechanical properties, hardness, film thickness, the film and the substrate binding, surface stress analysis
◎ Material Physical and chemical properties:
Corrosion resistance, electrochemical properties, nonferrous and ferrous metals tissue measurement, metallic inclusions, grain size determination, determination of gray cast iron, metal component parts lapse of Fracture 

Project Classification

Test Item

The instrument used

Surface composition, structure determination and analysis

Surface composition and chemical state analysis

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

A sample ingredient analyzing

X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy

Sample analysis phase structure

X-ray diffraction

Surface Stress Analysis

Analysis of Organic Compounds

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Analysis of trace elements

Secondary ion mass spectrometry

Metallographic test and analysis

Sample preparation

Abrasive cutting machines

Precision cutting machine

Hot mounting machine

Vacuum cold mounting machine

Grinding polishing machine (driving force of the head)

Precision Drilling Equipment

Stereo microscope

Nonferrous metals and alloys, ferrous metals, stainless steel tissue measuring


Determination of non-metallic inclusions in steel

Non-ferrous metals, carbon steel layer, the nitride layer was measured, hardened layer depth measurement

Gray cast iron, graphite size, the ball of grading and morphometric

Film thickness

Circuit board section observation

Measurement and analysis of material morphology

Sample surface, the cross section morphology, coating thickness, porosity analysis

Scanning electron microscopy

Spraying equipment

Carbon injection equipment

Samples roughness, coating thickness


Sample coating thickness, qualitative composition analysis.

X-ray fluorescence thickness

Sample color, color


Micro and nano-scale three-dimensional surface morphology was observed

Atomic force microscopy

Determination and analysis of mechanical properties of materials

Soft material, the film (or coating, a thin coating) material hardness, elastic modulus, stress and strain measurement (0 ~ 300mN)


Soft material, the film (or coating, a thin coating) material and substrate binding force, friction and wear behavior of determination (10μN ~ 1N)

Nano Scratch Tester

Coating binding assay (1N-200N)

Large load scratch tester

Vickers hardness (1N-200N) 

Microhardness (10g-1000g)


Determination of friction and wear properties


Physical and chemical properties of materials, measurement and analysis

Samples polarization curves, cyclic voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy, corrosion rate, etc.

Electrochemical Integrated Test System

Accelerated corrosion test

Salt spray test machine

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