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UV test

UV aging test machine does not simulate the full spectrum of sunlight, but it simulates the destruction of sunlight. By controlling the main radiation of the fluorescent tube in the ultraviolet spectrum of the solar spectrum. This approach is effective because shortwave ultraviolet light is the most important factor in the aging of outdoor materials.

UV test, can reproduce the sun, rain and dew generated by the destruction. The equipment is tested by exposing the material to be tested in an alternating cycle of controlled sunlight and moisture while increasing the temperature. The test equipment uses an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp to simulate the sun, and also simulates moisture effects by condensation or spraying. Used to assess the material in the color changes, gloss, cracks, blistering, catalysis, oxidation and other changes.

Each type of lamp used in the UV test is different from the total energy and wavelength spectra of the UV emission. The fluorescent UV lamp is usually divided into UVA and UVB lamps, depending on the area of ​​their main output.

UVA-340 simulates the ultraviolet part of the sun, mainly used for outdoor products, optical aging test;
UVA-351 simulates the ultraviolet part of the sun through the window glass, mainly used for indoor product photoaging test;
UVB-313EL: Fast, cost-effective testing for durable materials that accelerates the aging of materials and sometimes results in abnormal results. In the use of the customer must obtain the consent.

Applicable product range:
Mainly used in automobiles, coatings, paints, printing and packaging, pigments, textiles, roofing materials, rubber, plastics, coatings and so on.

 standard test:
ISO 4892.3-2006; GB / T 16422.3-1997; ASTM G 154-2006; ASTM D 4674-2002

The results determine:
Visual inspection (visual inspection, color, gray card, etc.).

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