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Product Range
Lighting products

Product Range:
Fixed Lamps, Portable Lamps, Embedded Lamps, Floor Mounted Lamps, Emergency Lighting Fixtures, Garden Portable Lamps, Children's Interest Lamps, Aquarium Lights, Road Lights, Cast Light, Light String, Night Light , Portable lights, swimming pool lighting, ventilation lamps, stage lighting, hospital lighting, ultra-low voltage lighting system.

Certification / Test items:

Domestic certification
  CCC, CQC, energy saving certification, China energy efficiency labeling ......
International Certification
  CB, CE, RoHS, FCC, PSE, SASO, EU energy efficiency, Australia energy efficiency ...
Commission test
  Provide testing services according to business needs, such as safety, performance, EMC, light distribution curve, luminous flux, light biosafety ...









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