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CE Certification

  "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and a passport to enter the European market. Those who posted "CE" mark of the product can be sold in the EU member countries, need not meet the requirements of each member in order to achieve a range of goods in the EU member states the freedom of circulation. In our country people on the "CE" mark does not seem strange, often in the product or product packaging to see this sign, however, people do not really understand it a lot. As China enters the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the accelerated pace of China's foreign trade continues to expand, domestic enterprises are trying to put their products to the EU within the international market again. But to enter the EU market must be on the "CE" mark-depth understanding.
  In the EU market, "CE" mark is a mandatory certification mark, whether within the EU production of the products, or products of other countries, in order to free circulation in the EU market, it is necessary to add "CE" mark to indicate products meet the EU "technical coordination and standardization of new methods" (hereinafter referred to as the "new approach") the basic requirements. This is the product of EU law proposed a mandatory requirement.

CE Mark
In recent years, the European Economic Area (the European Union, the European Free Trade Association member countries, except Switzerland) commodities on the market, CE certification mark used more and more, affix the CE mark to goods that their safety, health, environmental and consumer protection, and a series of European directives to express requirements.

CE Meaning 
In the past, European countries on the import and sale of the product requirements vary, according to the standard of a country-made goods to other countries is likely not listed as part of efforts to eliminate trade barriers, CE certification came into being. Therefore, CE certification on behalf of the European unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). In fact, CE certification or European languages ​​in many countries of the "EC" abbreviation of the phrase, the original phrase in English EUROPEAN COMMUNITY abbreviated as EC, because the EC is in the French COMMUNATE EUROPEIA, Italian is COMUNITA EUROPEA, Portuguese is COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA, Spanish is COMUNIDADE EUROPE, etc., so change the EC as CE. Of course, it may wish to CE certification as CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN (DEMAND) (in line with European (required)).

The significance of the CE mark
The significance of the CE mark: CE certification acronym for the symbols affixed CE mark to products that meet the main requirements of the European directive (Essential Requirements), and to confirm that the product has passed the appropriate conformity assessment procedures and / or the manufacturer's declaration of conformity, and truly become the products were allowed to enter the European market permits. For instructions to affix the CE mark certification of industrial products, there is no CE certification mark may not be listed for sale, has been affixed CE mark to market products that do not meet the safety requirements should be ordered to withdraw from the market, continuing violation of Directive CE mark requirements, will be restricted or prohibited from entering the EU market or be forced out of the market.
CE certification process
1. manufacturer related laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) made a preliminary oral or written request.
2. Applicant CE-marking application form, application form, product manuals and technical documentation to be sent to the laboratory (if necessary, require the applicant to provide a prototype).
3. Laboratory to determine the inspection standards and test items and pricing.
4. The applicant confirm pricing, and samples sent to the laboratory and related technical documents.
5. technical documentation provided by the applicant.
6. Laboratory fees notice issued to the applicant, the applicant according to the fee notice required to pay certification fees.
7. Laboratory for product testing and review of technical documents.
8. Technical documents reviewed include:
  a. file is perfect.
  b. documents whether the EC official languages ​​(English, German or French) writing.
9. If inadequate technical documentation or use the required language laboratory will notify the applicant improvements.
10. If the test failed, the laboratory will promptly notify the applicant, to allow the applicant to improve the product. So, until the test pass. Applicant in response to the original application to change the technical information in order to reflect the actual situation after the change.
11. on this page 9,10 rectification costs involved, the laboratory will notify the applicant to supplement the fees.
12. The applicant notification requirements under the Supplementary charges payable rectification costs.
13. laboratory test reports provided to the applicant or technical documents (TCF), and the CE Certificate of Compliance (COC), and the CE mark.
14. CE to ensure self-declaration signed by the applicant and attached to the CE marking on the product.

CE certification required to submit information
1 product manual.
2 safety design documents (including key structure that reflects the application from the climb, the gap, insulation layers and the thickness of the design).
3 product technical conditions (or enterprise standards).
4 products electrical schematics.
5 product roadmap.
6 key components or raw materials inventory (please use a European certification mark of the product).
7 Machine components or certified copy of the book.
8 other necessary information.

1. Relevant documentation required to both Chinese and English.
(2) To shorten the certification period, the information provided by the best form of electronic documents.
3 in the certification process, for some special cases, enterprises may need to pay any other additional relevant information.

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