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Certificate No.
Product Range
Appliance products
Product Range:
   Induction Cooker
  Microwave oven
  Bread slices
  Electric oven
Rice cooker
  Electric iron
  Stationary electric stove
Indoor heaters
  Liquid heater
  Drinking fountains
  Disinfection cabinet
  Electric blanket
Electric pad
  Surface cleaner
  Insulation board
  Insulation dish
  Electric shaver
  Clothes dryer and towel rack
  Deep frying pan
  Frying pan
Ironing machine
  Fabric steam engine
  Portable electric heater
  Warm hand and hot pad
  Pest control

Scope of certification:
  China Compulsory CCC Certification Test, China Energy Conservation Certification, China Energy Efficiency Labeling, Production License, CQC Voluntary Certification
  CB certification, CE certification, RoHS, FCCPSE certification, SASO certification, SAA certification, VDE certification, energy star ... ... 








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