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Toys EN71 test

Toys EN71 test
In order to strengthen the supervision of product quality children's toys, to ensure that children at play in the process of security, countries of the world are stepping up the establishment and improvement of product quality and safety standards for toys. Currently, the EU toy safety standards EN71, the Toys Directive designed or intended for children under the age of 14 to play any of the products or materials.

1 Mechanical and physical properties
1.1 General Requirements
1.1.1 Materials
1.1.2 Assembly
1.1.3 flexible plastic film
1.1.4 toy bag
1.1.5 Glass
1.1.6 Expansion Material
1.1.7 Edge
1.1.8 tip and wire
1.1.9 boss part
1.1.10 there is a mutual moving parts
1.1.11 Mouth Toy
1.1.12 Balloon
1.1.13 Toy kites and other flying toys rope
1.1.14 Case
1.1.15 able to withstand the weight of children's toy
1.1.16 Heavy immobile toys
1.1.17 Toy projectiles
1.1.18 Water Toys
1.1.19 detonators designed specifically for toys
1.1.20 Acoustic Toy
1.1.21 toys with heat
1.1.22 ball
1.2 for use by children under 36 months Toys
1.2.1 General requirements
1.2.2 filler material
1.2.3 adhesion of the plastic film
1.2.4 rope line on toys
1.2.5 Liquid-filled toys
1.2.6 Swing
1.2.7 The speed limit electric ride-on toys
1.2.8 Glass and Ceramics
1.2.9 The shape and size of certain toys
1.2.10 toys containing single fibers
1.3 Package
1.4 Warnings and instructions for use
2 Combustion Performance
2.1 General Requirements
2.2 beard, whiskers, wigs and masks, and other on the head with long hair or similar accessories toys
2.3 disguise costumes
2.4 Children's toys can enter
2.5 or textile surface with a long-haired soft-filled toys
3 Migration of certain elements
4 Chemical experimental device
5 Non-Experimental Chemistry toys
6 age warning icon
7 finger painting pigment
7.1 colorants
7.2 Preservatives
7.3 Migration of certain elements
7.4 primary aromatic amines
7.5 of smell and taste test
7.6 pH value
7.7 Product information includes agents, additives, wetting agents and surfactants
8 Swings, slides and similar toys
8.1 General Requirements
8.2 fence ladder material
8.3 Trapped
8.4 Non-slide swing toys with beam stability
8.5 slides
8.6 Swing
8.7 seesaw
8.8 with a carousel or rocking activity toys
8.9 Warning Labels
8.10 Tag
8.11 Assembly Installation Instructions
8.12 Stability
9 Organic Compounds
9.1 retardants
9.2 sweat-resistant color fastness
9.3 colorants
9.4 primary aromatic amines
9.5 monomer migration
9.6 Solvent migration
9.7 Solvent Inhalation
9.8 wood preservatives
9.9 Non-wood preservatives
9.10 Plasticizer
9.11 Toxicity Assessment
9.12pH value
9.13 Formaldehyde

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