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Material Safety Data Sheet - internationally known as material safety data sheets or chemical material safety assessment report, referred to the MSDS assessment certification report describes the types of chemicals on human health and environmental hazards and provide safe handling, storage and use of the chemical information; is a report on the burning of hazardous chemicals, explosive properties, toxicity and environmental hazards, and safe use, dispose of spill emergency aid, the main physical and chemical parameters, laws and regulations and other aspects of a comprehensive information document; is to clarify chemicals physical and chemical properties (such as the PH value, flash point, flammability, reactivity, etc.) as well as the health of users (such as carcinogenic, teratogenic, etc.) may produce hazardous document; is to pass an important chemical hazard information reports.

With the strengthening of environmental awareness in developed countries, the U.S., Japan, EU and other developed countries has been generally established and implemented a MSDS certification system requiring chemical manufacturers in the sale, transport or export of their products, the need for evaluation and certification MSDS provide a copy of the MSDS for product evaluation and certification reports. With the chemical products manufacturing enterprises should provide the user with the MSDS assessment certification report, allowing users to understand the hazards of chemicals, used to actively engage in protection, reduce occupational hazards, prevention of chemical accidents and environmental pollution effect.

SDS evaluation and certification report is a product of the importing country should be required by law and the requirements of writing. Currently chemical assessment prepared by the law, yet no uniform international standards, general international version of the EU's EEC / ISO version, and the United States OSHA and ANSI version. Because each country and even each state chemical management and trade legal documents is not the same, some changes every month, if the MSDS report provided incorrect or incomplete information, will face legal accountability. So now foreign customers typically require their material suppliers to provide third-party certification by professional bodies of the MSDS Material Safety Assessment certification report, prevent material suppliers themselves prepared MSDS report does not comply with the relevant national law, or MSDS Material safety data provided in the report does not match the actual security incidents and resulting legal liability. MSDS's evaluation and certification is a measure of a company's strength, image and management is an important sign. In the current international trade in chemicals, many domestic enterprises still do not fully understand the national law enforcement with the exporter must provide MSDS chemical evaluation and certification reports. No MSDS assessment report, many companies difficult to open up export channels, international buyers easily misunderstood Seller companies are not regulated, no credibility, it is not law-abiding extensive small businesses, which can not import their products.

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