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PSE Certification

PSE mark - Japanese product safety signs
Japan DENTORL method (electrical installations and Material Control Law), 498 kinds of products into the Japanese market must pass safety certification. Among them, 112 kinds of products should be made a Class A certified diamond line, 340 kinds of products should be made a Class B certified round trip. PSE directory listing!

According DENTORL method, 340 kinds of products of Class B Part 7:
Simple wiring and junction box casing
Simple between 100V-300V single-phase motor
Household electric products
Household electric or electronic game products
Use of light civilian or household products
Household and commercial electronics products
Other between 100V-300V electrical products
From 1 April 2001 onwards, "Electrical Products Control Act (DENTORL)" officially renamed the "Electrical Product Safety Act (DENAN)" is different from the previous regulatory system controls provisions of the agreement, the new system will be unofficial agencies to ensure product safety.

Class A: The specified electrical equipment and materials products
Such as: AC adapter Plugs Multi-tap

Category B: other products for electrical equipment and materials
Such as: Copier TV DVD Player

Method is not suitable for electrical safety products:
PC, Monitor, Printer, Server Computer, Storage

A: must be authorized by the Japanese government's conformity assessment bodies (ACAB) issued a "certificate of conformity" CoC.
B: do not get CoC, but must comply with the laws and regulations of the technical requirements, the manufacturer can do self-proclaimed \ confirm.
Technical Information: Japanese voltage AC 100V/50Hz, 100V/60Hz

PSE will perform a factory inspection (check related test instruments and their applicability), but no follow-up examination. Since each certification bodies in China's cooperation objects, responsible for factory inspection agencies in China is different. If JQA partner is the China Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

The following units may submit applications for PSE Mark Compliance:
Japanese manufacturers
Japanese importers
Japanese importers have been designated foreign manufacturers have specified
Bulletin suppliers only for the Japanese manufacturer / importer, supplier notification in obtaining compliance certificates and paste PSE flag, METI shall be deemed to be legal obligations. Foreign manufacturers can not become informed suppliers, but must provide the Japanese importers by qualified ACAB issued a valid certificate of compliance.
Documentation required

Security Testing:
RFI Test: Provides RFI Test Report (100 V) and EMC testing laboratory accreditation documents
Factory inspection documents
MITI / METI login factory
Factory login prove
Factory Test Equipment List (asset number, manufacturer name, model, size, last calibration date)
Calibration procedure
Non MITI / METI Sign Factory
Calibration procedure
Check personnel qualifications
Factory Test Equipment List (asset number, manufacturer name, model, size, last calibration date)
Factory test instrument calibration master file
All of the test instrument calibration report
Calibration standards can be retroactive national standard proof.

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