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HALT is an abbreviation for Highly Accelerated Life Testing, a method of applying step stress to a test piece and early detection of product defects, operational design margins, and structural strength limits. Specimen exposed by HALT defects, involving line design, process, components and structure and so on.

Test significance:
Is in the product design and trial production stage, through the test, quickly find the product potential defects, and to improve and verify, thereby increasing the product limits, improve its ruggedness and reliability. Stress applied to the test, including vibration, high and low temperature, temperature cycling, power switching cycle, voltage margin and frequency marginal test. Has now become the electronics industry standard product validation method. It will take the original 6 months or even 1 year of new product reliability test shortened to a week, and in this week found the product problem is almost the same as the customer after the application of the problems found, so HALT test method has become new Verification that must be passed before the product is listed.

Test purposes:
1, through the system to exert the work stress and gradually increase the environmental stress, to stimulate the failure to expose the weak part of the product design for developers to improve product design to provide the basis for product design defects in a timely manner to amend.
2, to improve the product in the use of the sturdy degree, to ensure the success of the product without failure to complete the task;
3. Estimate the working limit and damage limit of the product, evaluate the reliability of the product under actual conditions of use, and provide the basis for the choice of HASS stress type and stress level.

Test sample requirements:
The samples need to be representative, and the functional monitoring equipment for the samples in the test requires customer support

Test Products:
Power supply, communication transmitter / receiver, air conditioning controller board, car system (DVD, audio, multimedia receiving system), relay (electronic components), computer motherboard, motor (fan)

Work (operation) limit: at the point of failure of the sample, the function of the sample can not be restored (can not meet the technical requirements), but the stress is reduced, the product can still return to the normal work stress intensity (soft fault).
The working (operating) limits include: Upper operating limit (UOL)
Lower Operating Limit (LOL)
Destruction limit: At the point of failure of the sample, the function of the sample can not be restored (can not meet the technical requirements), and the stress can be reduced, the product can not return to the normal stress strength (hard failure).
The destruction limits include: Upper Destruction Limit (UDL)
Lower Destruct Limit --- LDL
There is only an upper limit for vibration experiments.

HALT test procedure:
Low temperature step stress test
2, high temperature step stress test
3, rapid thermal cycle test
4, vibration step stress test
5, comprehensive stress test

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