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ETL Certification

  ETL is an American electronic test lab (Electrical Testing Laboratories) for short. ETL laboratory by the American inventor Thomas Edison handedly created in 1896 in the United States and around the world enjoy a high reputation. With UL, CSA, like, ETL according to UL standards or tests issued by the American National Standards ETL certification mark, can also according to UL standards or American National Standard and CSA standards or Canadian standard test issued by the composite mark. Bottom right of the "us" that applies to the United States, the bottom left of the "c" that applies to Canada, both "us" and "c" in the two countries apply.
  Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical products with a long ETL mark indicates that this product has reached the generally recognized by the United States and Canada, the minimum requirements for product safety standards, it is tested in accordance with the relevant product safety standards; production plants but also represent consent Receive rigorous and regular checks to ensure consistency of product quality, can be sold in the United States and Canada markets.
  ETL also requires the production site has been tested, and the applicant agreed to plant on a regular track inspection to ensure products always meet this requirement.

ETL certification and UL certification relations
(1) UL and ETL What is the difference?
UL and ETL represent products through Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) tested and complies with appropriate safety standards, but also represents the manufacturers agreed to receive rigorous and regular checks to ensure product quality and consistency. So the real difference is service. As the ETL client, you can enjoy the customized testing, inspection and certification services, fast operation cycles and flexible working practices. We are creating a closer cooperation with our customers work, so that your products faster, more smoothly and more efficiently enter the market.
ETL certification and UL certification have the same access to the North American market effect, but ETL certification costs much lower than the UL certification, UL certification generally only half, and, ETL certified product testing by CB test report can provide you save a lot of testing costs. ETL certification UL certification time is much shorter than the more special circumstances, ETL certification can first, and then to factory inspection for export products in order to save your valuable time.
(2) What is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)?

Simply put, that is, the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) approved according to current safety standards for product testing of third-party laboratories. Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory of the role of electrical products and gas (oil) products provide an independent assessment, testing and certification services. ETL in the United States is recognized NRTL, in Canada, is being recognized testing and certification organization entities in Europe, and it was recognized entity.
(3) whether the manufacturer must obtain UL certification?
Many manufacturers have mistakenly believe that you can not select other third-party testing partner, in fact, as long as the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) recognized NRTL, can be carried out testing, inspection and certification services. ETL series of signs to show that products meet national standards.
(4) ETL mark on the product could explain what?
ETL logo on the product indicates that the product has been ETL tested and complies with the relevant standard. To distributors, retailers and consumers is that they bought through third-party testing and certification of products.  
(5) Retailers will accept the ETL mark for?
ETL Listed Mark is proof of product compliance mark, ETL is also a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), so there is no reason not to accept retailers with the ETL mark. Some retail or distributor will mistakenly believe that third-party testing agency no choice. ITS is changing the mindset of the people, and help companies make their products to market faster.
(6) Which retailers are ETL mark products?
Most of the world's retailers purchase products marked with ETL, ETL and UL for them to have the same effect.
(7) ETL mark for which products?
ETL provides product safety testing to cover a variety of products, domain, market, including power tools, household appliances, telecommunications and IT products, components, lighting, HVAC, medical equipment, toys, etc., we recommend that you view our product column names lists.
(8) Which countries accept the ETL Mark?
ETL mark in the United States and Canada, is widely accepted, from a global perspective, ETL in other countries has also been authorized to use the appropriate product safety certification mark, such as the CE mark, GS mark, S mark, NOM signs. Sign on what is acceptable in each country, please refer to the respective flags.
(9) North America, local customs, trade prosecutor knows ETL Mark?
Since ETL is the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) accredited Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, so its flag to be widely accepted.

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