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UL Certification

  English is Underwriters Laboratories UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) Shorthand. UL safety test of America's most authoritative, but also engage in safety testing and identification of large private institutions. It is an independent, non-profit, do testing for public safety professional organizations. It uses scientific testing methods to study identified a variety of materials, devices, products, equipment, construction of life, property damage and whether the extent of harm; determined to write, issue the appropriate standards and help reduce and prevent life loss of property information, while carrying out the facts research business. In short, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and safety certificate to operate the business, with the ultimate aim is to market a considerable level of product safety for human health and property is guaranteed to contribute. Product safety certification as to eliminate technical barriers to international trade an effective means, UL, to promote the development of international trade also played an active role.
  UL was founded in 1894, the initial phase of UL Fire Lord in the insurance sector by providing funds to maintain the action until 1916, UL was completely self-sustaining. After nearly a century of development, UL has become a world-known certification body, its own set of strict management system of the organization, standards development and product certification procedures. UL by a security experts, government officials, consumers, education, utilities, insurance and standards department council composed of representatives of management and daily work by the president, vice president handling. Currently, UL has five laboratories in the United States, headquartered in Northbrook town north of Chicago, while Taiwan and Hong Kong were set up appropriate laboratory.
UL application related issues
1. UL testing services are organized?
UL's engineering services for different types of products into multiple departments. Its staff includes experienced engineers and technical staff. Check the product structure, to test, evaluate experimental results and the development of standards is just part of their job. UL also includes a site inspection to the factory site representative. Site representative is to make products comply with UL mark UL standards guarantee.

2. Who can submit a product?
Products are usually by the product manufacturer or developer, or other authorized agents, representatives and other entities submitted. When you submit a product, you can choose to appear in the UL catalog published on the names of entities (such as the manufacturer, distributor, or other licensed entities). Once decided, the name must appear on all meet UL standards and is ready to use the UL Mark on the product.

3. When should submit their products?
Preferably in the product development process to submit products, and the sooner the better. Typically, UL engineers can pre-test the product to help you decide where to modify or rework. Although the pre-test does not replace the complete product testing, we can not obtain authorization to use the UL mark, but it can save money for you. Pre-test laboratory at any one UL, UL branch or carry in your production, and only takes one to two days time. (This section focuses branches in foreign enterprises, other enterprises have no practical significance)

4. How to submit a product?
Customers can UL consulting for help. This is an initial application for UL's enterprises is particularly important, because the customer consultant is a bridge connecting UL and customers. Client advisor's responsibilities include:
1) to answer the question about UL, guide customers to the correct engineering department.
2) and UL management departments to resolve customer issues
3) first submitted to UL product key is based on your convenience, wrote in U.S. laboratories UL client advisor or other regions branch manager. The letter must include the following information in order to help understand your test UL scope and requirements:
4) description of the product and its appropriate use. Submit a list of all product models or types, and describes different product categories or models similarities and differences between the points.
5) lists all components used in products and materials - including manufacturers, type, quantity, dimensions, ratings, etc. - and whether it is UL recognized or column name. For all polymeric materials, required to indicate the type of material name, manufacturer, model number (example: a thermoplastic material) and explain how they are applied to your product. If you think that helps UL engineers to understand the design, structure or works, including product-related schematics, wiring diagrams, blueprints and / or product photos. All instructions provided with the product, safety tips, or installation instructions, and all appear on the packaging markings.
6) List all the future you intend to use other materials, parts and components. This can be for you to use these materials in the future to reduce testing costs and time.
7) provide you with the name of an authorized representative, the representative will receive the relevant letters between UL, including the final test reports and invoices. Provide production products factory name and address. UL provided in the appropriate catalog published on the company name. Products should be sold under the name of the company (which may be different from the real manufacturer).
8) indicate that the new product or update product whether you or other organizations already UL certified products have the same structure, or characteristic. If the product has passed other certification bodies, please notify UL. If possible UL will try to take advantage of your previous tests.

5. product testing how to get started?
Once UL get all the data you provide, UL can decide which department to test the product. UL's engineering department will: Develop test plans, provide an estimate of the cost of testing, roughly the end of the test time to send the application form. At this time, if you have any period of time, you should notify the UL so that it is arranged to be considered when testing time. Once you return the application form and provide a corresponding advance, and UL engineers received the corresponding test samples, UL engineers can begin to really test your product.

6. What happens after the test?
Once the product end of the test, your project engineer will tell you whether the product meets UL requirements. For products that meet the UL requirements, project engineer test data based on a formal written report. Test data will also be used to track service and as a fundamental part of tracking service rules. Tracking service rules is a detailed description of the testing by UL in accordance with UL requirements the product structure document. UL field representative will use this document as a guide to implement at the factory periodic UL product testing. In UL engineers will test report sent to you, you must agree to participate in UL's Follow-Up Services program. You must sign and return the track inspection reports to indicate that participate in the program. Typically, this document will be sent in a few days after the application form sent. If for some reason your product does not meet the requirements of UL, UL will notify you do not meet all the requirements. If you choose to change the product and is willing to repeat the test, you can and the original project engineer responsible for your necessary items for re-testing. If you are on the test results, an understanding of the requirements or UL's decision in doubt, UL complaints procedure so you can get UL's governing body to hear your views without fear of affecting the relationship between the UL.

UL Services
UL product certification, testing the types of services can be divided into the column name, recognition and classification.
1) column name (LISTED): Generally speaking, the column name only applies to the complete product and qualified personnel in the field to replace or install a variety of devices and equipment, are UL listed services a variety of products including: Appliance , medical equipment, computers, commercial equipment, and the role of the building all kinds of electrical products such as power distribution systems, fuses, wires, switches and other electrical components and so on. The UL Listed products can usually be marked on each product the UL Listing Mark. Listed Mark usage.
2) recognition (Recognized): UL accreditation service is a service project, and its products can only be identified in the UL Listing, Classification, or other approved products as components, raw materials used. Approved products in the structure is incomplete, or have certain restrictions on the use of in order to guarantee the achievement of the expected safety performance. In most cases, the approved product tracking services belong R classes. Category L recognition products are electronic line (AVLV2), processing wire (ZKLU2), harness (ZPFW2), aluminum (DVVR2), and metal flexible tube (DXUZ2). Approved product requirements with approval mark.
3) classification (Classification): grading service only product-specific hazard evaluation, or for the implementation of UL standards other than the standard (including the internationally recognized standards, such as IEC and ISO standards, etc.) of the product were evaluated. Generally most consumer grade products are not used in products, but industrial or commercial use of the product. The Classification Mark UL mark indicates that the product is identified by UL in certain conditions and restrictions specified range. For example, the solvent used in industry for such chemicals, only reaches its ignition temperature of a fire that may occur when the range evaluated. Classification of certain products and services serving the same column names, but generally only one aspect of the product or to evaluate certain aspects, such as in the United States, medical X-ray diagnostic apparatus such equipment to the country to comply with U.S. laws and relevant radiated emission and beam flow accuracy requirement, but because only the X-rays as UL classified products, only evaluate its mechanical properties, electrical properties, and other non-radiation performance in these areas.
4) Multiple column names, or multi-tiered services multiple recognition: When an applicant in obtaining UL Listed above, approval or grading service, and its products on behalf of another company to produce to meet the needs of sales can apply Multiple column names, multiple or multi-tiered services recognized, in this case, to get the column name, approval or grading is allowed to use the manufacturer's product list in another company's name, but the product in addition to the company code, product code or UL Company considers acceptable for other characteristics, must be with the original column name, approval or grading produce consistent products.
5) "AL" column name recognition or grading service: If UL applicant does not intend to use your company's name to obtain the column name, approval or grading service, he can apply with another firm (usually a retailer or wholesaler) in the name of Application for inclusion, recognition or classification, that is called "AL" column name recognition or grading services. With multiple column names, multiple or multi-tiered services recognized the difference between the applicant is not a column in its celebrity.
6) System Certification Services: As a member of the International Accreditation Board, UL extensively involved ISO9000 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental certification, QS9000 automotive quality system certification and AS9000 aircraft industry quality system certification services. So far, a total of 116 plants in the country to obtain the UL certification; including 21 for the ISO9001 certification, 85 for the ISO9002 certification, one of ISO14001 certification, nine for the QS9000 certification.
7) UL Other services: such certification service, inspection service, truth judgments services, research services.

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