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EU crackdown on misuse of abuse of CE certification mark behavior

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CE certification mark is the product exports to the EU countries pass, but if the misuse of abuse, will be subject to heavy penalties, from January 1, 2010 onwards, the relevant products exported to the EU, if misuse of the CE certification mark, will be subject to the EU Penalty.
It is understood that the EU in 2008 introduced 765/2008 / EC and 768/2008 / EC two strict CE certification mark to ensure that the provisions of the regulations to ensure product safety. The most prominent focus of the new regulations is to strengthen the CE certification mark market supervision. Specific measures such as strengthening the EU port customs inspection of the responsibility for the acceptance of imported goods; provides affixed CE certification mark product conformity assessment activities completed by the designated assessment agencies, authorized assessment agencies to inform the EU member states procedures, the provisions of each member state only An assessment body, the assessment of which is valid for the entire European region; provides the manufacturer, distributor, importer's responsibility, and refine the different modules of the conformity assessment procedure.
In addition to the specific measures to strengthen the above measures, the domestic manufacturers and exporters should focus on the interpretation of the new regulations passed two messages: First, the new laws and regulations for the misuse of CE certification mark to provide legal basis for legal sanctions; The European Commission plans to register the CE mark to make the mark a collective trademark, and the trademark form will become a new tool for market supervision and legal protection of the authorities of the Member States. The above information means that the product does not meet the requirements of the CE certification mark, or CE font is not the use of circular letters, CE certification mark height less than 5 mm and other shapes and size errors in the past, a large number of misuse and abuse, A serious act of legal action by member states. After the implementation of the new regulations, customs procedures, licensing policies and market supervision means are required in January 1, 2010 ready.
According to the existing regulations, in the EU market sales of industrial products, must be affixed with CE certification mark, or not listed on the sale. (88/378 / EEC), Machinery Directive (98/37 / EEC), Low Voltage Directive (73/23 / EEC, 2006/95 / EC) and many other important directives of the European Union have made CE certification mark The CE certification mark as the EU to prevent the import of substandard products, the most important and the most basic of a security line, and its certification standards will enhance the domestic manufacturers have a far-reaching and comprehensive impact may be part of the product to form a technical threshold to cut its exports market share. In this regard, the relevant enterprises to raise awareness of the crisis.
To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments recommend relevant enterprises: to raise awareness of the crisis, and actively take the initiative to understand the latest EU laws and regulations and trends, in particular, should pay attention to the relevant provisions of the CE certification mark to eliminate misuse of the CE mark; in the EU directive Of the export products in a timely manner CE certification to ensure that products meet the requirements of the EU; environmental safety awareness and production technology to fill gaps, large raw materials to the finished product traceability and production process safety and health, small product label CE mark Size and shape and other details, are required to meet the EU CE certification requirements, and earnestly avoid export risks.
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