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Export certification of household electrical appliances to guard against key com

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Cixi a household electrical appliance enterprises in the application for export electrical products abroad certification, because the product used by key components (plugs, power lines, switches, etc.) certificate failure by the foreign certification body refused to issue, resulting in certification can not be successfully completed, delivery cycle Extended, causing customer dissatisfaction with the final cancellation of the order, the loss of more than 20 million dollars.

It is understood that the reasons for the above phenomenon is mainly due to the provision of key components of the supporting manufacturers failed to continue to effectively produce the components of its quality control, resulting in component certification bodies in the factory inspection or other inspection found quality problems and revocation of component manufacturers Of the certificate, and home appliance export enterprises in the whole product export certification did not verify the key components of the certificate is valid, resulting in the occurrence of the above results.
Home appliances in the application for foreign certification (such as GS, UL, etc.), the foreign certification body requires the use of household electrical appliances required to use the key components of the effective certification, or not issued. Therefore, the key component certification is valid for household appliances export certification is essential.

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