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Sunshine Power US version of the 250-kilowatt PV inverter certified by CSA

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  Following the Canadian version of the 250-kilowatt PV inverter (SG250KC) recently passed the authority of the CSA certification, a few days ago, Sunshine Power Co., Ltd. for the US market developed the US version of the 250-kilowatt photovoltaic inverter - SG250KU again through the certification. At this point, the sun power for the North American market developed 250 kilowatts series of photovoltaic inverter across the board through the safety certification in North America.
According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association statistics, in 2011 the US market PV installed capacity of 1,600 megawatts, ranking the world's top four, strong growth over the previous year 100%, the future will continue to maintain high development trend, much attention in the industry. But the US market access requirements are strict, as an important intermediate equipment for photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic inverter to enter the US market, must obtain strict safety test certification.
As China's largest, world-renowned photovoltaic inverter business, solar power in recent years to develop the United States and other North American market, the pace of firm and gradually accelerated. Previously, its 100-kilowatt PV inverter has also obtained the North American market permits and bulk sold to the US market; for the Canadian market development SG250KC products have passed the CSA certification, becoming the first through the certification of high power reverse Variable.
The certified SG250KU products meet the US 480V AC voltage requirements and grid access standards, with multiple communication interface, with a wider range of MPPT voltage adaptability, with a variety of PV modules to match, for a variety of types Of the photovoltaic power generation system. Her certification through, marking the sunshine power of the US version of the product line to further enrich, but also to speed up the expansion of the US market provides a new and effective protection.

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