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GS certification recognized for the European market

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  The GS certification is based on the German Geprufte Sicherheit and the German Safety. The GS certification is based on the German Product Safety Act (SGS) and is carried out in accordance with the EU harmonized standard EN or the German industry standard DIN Testing a voluntary certification, the European market is recognized as the German safety certification mark.
As the security awareness has been deep into the average consumer, a GS certification mark the electrical appliances in the market may be more than the general product has greater competitiveness! German authorities have passed a resolution from April 1 this year, all imported products will be required in the GS logo certification mandatory to join the PAHS PAHs test. It is reported that the new regulations related to China's hundreds of millions of dollars of exports.
GS certification recognized for the European market.
Reporters learned that, GS certification is the German security certification mark, is the European market recognized product "pass". German customers in the order to our manufacturers to order related products, manufacturers will generally require manufacturers to provide GS certification. Applications for GS-certified products mainly include household appliances, household machinery and so on. PAHs, scientific name polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, mainly including 16 kinds of similar substances, is one of the important carcinogens in the environment, in addition to power tools, many electrical products are PAHs substances. In this regard, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the export enterprises in strict accordance with the requirements of the new German production requirements, and to strengthen communication with foreign customers, the first time to grasp the latest testing requirements, to avoid unnecessary losses.
Germany DEKRA Group is a century-old, Europe's largest testing and certification services company, through long-term unremitting efforts and years of professional certification experience, as Europe's retail and global export enterprises an important partner, which has been in Asia and China to seek partners, In this year with China's largest non-governmental testing organizations, China Huaxing Group to create a joint venture, and set up in Guangzhou, the first joint venture and test laboratories.

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